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April 7th

Talking with the actors about Mother Courage and her Children on Saturday and Sunday, I mentioned that in the middle of translating I bought the print books of  the Scottish artist Muirhead Bone’s series The Western Front that he made for the War Office in 1917. It seemed appropriate whilst I was as it were travelling across the desolate war terrain of Mother Courage’s Europe, to travel visually with Muirhead Bone—whose work I have always liked—on his journey through the devastated war terrain of France.  

It struck me as no more than my getting “mental atmosphere” as I wrote, but after  listening to the end of the play on Saturday and Sunday  


it struck me that the translation in the last line had of course been triggered at the back of my mind by the famous recruiting poster of those days YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU. The last line is a kind of bitter parthian invocation to the audience.

I put up two of the Muirhead Bone posters on my journal while translating the play in July 2010. This one below is another in the series, the foreground including, according to its accompanying description, old trenches and dugouts.





April 4th

Have had an exhilarating experience this past two afternoons. In a rehearsal room at the National Theatre of Scotland premises in Glasgow director Graham McLaren has directed a group of actors reading out my translation of Mother Courage and Her Children. They have shown a real understanding of the language, the nuances, a delivery and when required, a panache that has been music to my ears. After three long years with my script I felt yesterday “The secret is out.” Whatever happens, the secret is out. And some of the songs performed were very movingly done.   

A final rehearsal tomorrow afternoon in the Tron, then the public staged reading itself there at 7.30. 



March 23rd



Back from London where before we got the train back home my son took us to his nearest gallery the Estorick in Canonbury Square where there was an exhibition of later de Chirico painting and sculpture. It came back to my mind lying in bed this morning seeing the ceiling damage over towards the window, so I got my camera and took a photo. Nothing much online from the exhibition though this figure called Castor from 1973 was one of the exhibits.








March 17th


happily married





March 14th


fucking nationalist nuts




March 8th

My translation of Brecht's Mother Courage and her Children has now been published and is available online from the publisher at £8.99 plus £1 postage here



March 5th



Another old school book. 

A subject I enjoyed a lot when I went to secondary school was elementary geometry. Used to like working out different ways of solving a problem beyond the first-discovered evidently “correct” one. I remember once when we had been told the solution in class to a set problem and I proposed my different way of solving it, the teacher said my final proof was what we would later find was called proof by analogy.

 These elemental geometric shapes remind me of my triptych “For those of us who have to live outside the narrative”. And the pleasure I felt when one of my sons told me that when he grew up he wanted “to study shapes in nature.”



March 4th 

amazon conceptual manifesto




March 3rd

kraft dur yes





March 2nd

kraft durch freude







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