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  Outside the Narrative (Poems 1965 - 2009)

The poetry from the period that the author wants to keep in one volume. The work comes from the publications Six Glasgow Poems,  A Priest Came on at Merkland Street,  Poems,  Bunnit Husslin,  "Unrelated Incidents" (Three Glasgow Writers), Ghostie Men, Intimate Voices, Situations Theoretical and Contemporary, nora's place,  inside looking in,  access to the silence, and Being a Human Being. Previously uncollected poetry includes the sequences "An Ayrshire Mother", "On the Page", and "Three Types of Envoi".  

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Definite Articles (Prose 1973 - 2012) 

A wide-ranging gathering that includes appreciative essays and reviews of poetry by John Clare, Robert Browning, Charles Reznikoff, James Thomson's "City of Dreadful Night" (a summary of twenty years' research), William Carlos Williams, Robert Fergusson and others; speculative-analytic pieces on education, what "culture" means, the function of the public library in a democracy, poetry in schools, the hierarchies of language and social status in Britain; a piece on sexuality, rape and the Catholic Church; personal response to, and analysis of, British government political behaviour in domestic and foreign policy, in particular respect of the language of its presentation; a personal memoir of childhood violence incurred, presented in a letter to its perpetrator— an aspect of the whole being that acts of language round specific acts of violence (ultimately military and global) can be not merely complicit but integral and essential, constituting acts of violence in themselves, however emollient or objective in tone.

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