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]]> (Tom Leonard) Links Wed, 06 Aug 2014 21:26:59 +0100 Hand-made fused glass jewellery made by Sonya Leonard.

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anti-war poems and prose inventory An ongoing complation of poetry and prose against or critical of war, excerpted from world literature and in translation to English where appropriate. The entry for November 10th 2018 headed "the war to end all wars" provides country by country listing   


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Sundry poet audiofiles mainly American though some Brits such as Raworth and O'Sullivan (Administrator) Links Mon, 03 Dec 2001 00:00:00 +0000 etruscan books Poetry publisher under poet Nicholas Johnson, perhaps the last remaining UK small publisher of fullsize poetry books who does not issue the books as Print on Demand digital, but has them printed and published to quantity in careful design. The publisher of Tom Leonard's last four books, Nicholas consulted Tom Leonard on all aspects of production throughout, Tom with wife Sonya designing the front covers on the sewn bindings. The finished product of the last two books, outside the narrative and Definite Articles, has had WordPower in Scotland then weigh in with contributory funding to have the books finally published under joint publisher imprint. The full list of Etruscan's publications here shows their particular bent towards progressive poetry including Americans like Rakosi and Dorn when in their last years.

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MDTSite 53,000 new classical CD's pounds cheaper than in the shops

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